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What is Crowdfunding & Kickstarter?

18 Aug, 2015

What is Crowdfunding & Kickstarter?

We have had a lot of questions asking about 'what is this crowdfunding & kickstarter', so we thought we would share a little more info!

Many start-up's like Good2Go Designer Shakes use crowdfunding to raise capital during the project launch stage to help get the business off the ground. So what is it? In a nutshell, Crowdfunding means something for you, something for us!  You get some of the sweetest deals you can imagine on our blender and our fantastic range of shakes. We get the cash upfront to enable us to scale up, take our patented cup lock to production and launch our shakes across Australia! It’s a win-win!

Check out our page here:

So how does it work? Crowdfunding means that a large number of investors each contribute a small amount of capital to a start-up or project. This way, small contributions from many people can add up to a large amount of capital - the capital start-ups require to get their business off the ground, or to start developing their product or project.

People can 'pledge' an amount in return for a 'reward'. For example, if you look at our crowdfunding page, you will see there are a selection of rewards from $30 - $300, each with their own benefits and bonuses. In many cases like Good2Go companies offer amazing rewards to get people on board to help Kickstart their business.  

Good2Go chose to use Kickstarter as our crowdfunding platform due to it's high integrity and it's the best platform in the business (we think!) have a look here:

So when I pledge, what happens next?

When you visit our page, simply select the reward you want and make your pledge! You will be asked for your credit card details, but you card will only be charge WHEN we reach our $20,000 target.  When the campaign has finished, we will contact you and you will be able to select your shakes and we will deliver them to you in mid-October. 

Why should I pledge now and not wait until they are available? 

The big bonus of supporting us early, is you will receive some AMAZING DEALS and you will also be the first in the world to receive Good2Go!!  Our Shakes will be RRP $8.50 for individual purpose (bulk buy discounted) and our Blender Systems RRP $150.  When you see our deals (go to: you will see you are saving up to 70% on some of our packages!

Want more information about crowdfunding?

The Australian Government provide a great overview of Crowdfunding. Visit:

For more information, please contact us via our Contact Page.