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About Designer Shakes

Nutritious, delicious, 100% real food ready-to-blend smoothies

Designer Shakes has been built on a simple but amazing innovation that means the cup you buy our smoothies in is the cup you blend them in is the cup you drink them from!  

World first blend-in-cup technology

What this means is that Designer Shakes are delivered snap frozen and complete with everything you need to make fresh smoothies fast.  Our shakes are full of amazing superfoods and natural fruit and veg and have been designed in collaboration with Food Scientists to ensure maximum goodness.

Everything comes pre-chopped and packaged in the perfect quantity, so all you have to do is add a cup of room temperature water, blend and you are ready to drink or serve to your customer! No mess, no more hassle of chopping fruits and veg each week and no more waste. 

You can buy Designer Shakes through our food distribution partner, PFD. Click Here to find out how to become a stockist today!