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Stocking Designer Shakes

Are you a gym or café owner and would like to offer your customers natural delicious smoothies but it's just too much hassle?

  • Way too much mess?

  • Not enough space to prep the food?

  • Too much hassle to buy, prep (and throw away) fresh ingredients?

  • Ridiculous amount of staff time spent preparing?

    Using Designer Shakes you can provide 100% real food smoothies in 30 seconds and with no mess because you buy, blend and serve Designers Shakes all in the same cup!  

    The benefits of Designer Shakes are endless:

    • An additional income stream you are missing out on!

    • No staff time wasted to prepare –  smoothies ready to serve in 30 Seconds

    • Setup is instant, we can even provide you the Designer Shakes Blender Kit

    • All you need is a freezer and a sink.

    • No wastage; Designer Shakes will last up to 6 months in your freezer

    • Designer Shakes is being distributed exclusively through PFD Food Services.  If you are a current PFD outlet contact your rep today, or contact us on

      Currently in SA, for other states.. watch this space!