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Intelligent Shakes

Our Shakes are designed with your health goals in mind

When we select a piece of food to eat the key questions we ask are: 

Will this make me put on weight? Will it fill me up? Is this good for me? Will it help in muscle recovery? Will this taste great!  To help answer these questions Designer Shakes has adopted a simple numbering system, for example: Berrylicious 194.


The FIRST NUMBER asks ‘how much fat is in this shake’. You can see at a glance the amount of calories in each shake. If the number is 3, there are 300 to 400 calories in the shake. We have a range of 0 Fat Shakes (less than 100 calories), so if you want to lose weight or keep your calories down, choose a shake with a LOW FIRST NUMBER.

The SECOND NUMBER asks ‘how full will this shake keep me?’ Designer Shakes uses the science of satiety to determine how long a shake will keep you full. The three biggest factors that make us feel full are fibre, protein and water content. If you want a shake that will keep you full for longer, choose a HIGH SECOND NUMBER.

The THIRD NUMBER asks ‘how good is this shake for muscle building and recovery’ and indicates the grams of protein in the shake. A number 5 indicates that there will be at least 5 grams of protein in that shake. If the number is 9, there will be more than 9 grams of protein (and up to 22 grams!). If you are after a high protein hit to go with your morning workout choose a shake with a HIGH THIRD NUMBER.

All this is a bit more detail

The FIRST NUMBER: how much fat is in this shake?
We have designed a range of 0 FAT Shakes to support you in your weight goals. The causes of gaining weight are complicated and diverse, however the single most important thing you can do to lose weight is to include as many real, whole, unprocessed foods in your diet as possible (Note that ALL Designer Shakes use natural unprocessed foods). This is because the problem isn’t simply calorie consumption. Consuming processed foods can cause inflammation in the hypothalamus of the brain, causing leptin resistance which makes the brain think that the body is starving, and so we eat more! The other problem with processed foods is that they flood our bodies with dopamine, which functions as a signal to the brain that this behavior is good, and so we eat more! As there are NO processed foods in Designer Shakes, the first digit is proportional, on a scale of 0 for our 0 FAT Shakes, up to 9 for higher fat content.
So to lose weight, choose Big Beet 062, not Banana Nut 498 

The SECOND NUMBER: how full will this shake keep me? The science of Satiety
Hunger helps to ensure that you consume enough calories for your needs. However, it also works against you when you're trying to lose weight. You could easily lose weight just by eating less, but the less that you eat or the longer you postpone eating, the hungrier you become and the hungrier you are, the more likely it is that you'll overeat! While many things are known to influence satiety - including individual differences in endocrine levels, one of the biggest factors is the type of food that you eat. The main factors that affect the satiety level of a food are the food’s weight, water, protein and fiber content. Designer Shakes is utilizing the ‘Nutrition Data’ formula as a predictor of fullness, that is: Fullness Factor = 41.7/Calories^0.7 + 0.05*Protein + 6.17E-4*Fibre^3 - 7.25E-6*Fat^3 + 0.617  For more information please click here.
So, while Banana Nut 498 will clearly keep you satisfied for longer, Carrot Zinger 163, with a hunger rating of 6 is pretty good because of the amount of fiber in the shake.

The THIRD NUMBER: Is this food good for muscle building and recovery?
The way our hormones respond to training, and how that effects muscle growth depends a lot on what nutrition we consume, not just how many calories we take in. Protein has the clearest link to muscle building and recovery. Protein increases blood amino acid levels during exercise, which appears to serve as a kind of biochemical signal that tells the muscles not to break down protein for fuel. Research suggests there is a window of opportunity of about an hour for consuming protein after exercise for maximum recovery. Because of the link between protein and muscle building and recovery, the third number in the Designer Shakes system is proportional to the amount of protein in the shake, with 1 having low levels of protein and 9 a high level. We have a selection of shakes with more than 10g of protein per serve, which Nutrition Australia defines as Good Source of protein.
So to build body mass and improve recovery Choc Nut 599 will be superior to Mother Earth 012.