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The Designer Shakes Story

Designer Shakes is an Adelaide based company that was founded by Brett, Jules and Jason with the mission to enable everyone to have freshly made, delicious and highly nutritious, smoothies every day… in under 30seconds. 

Like many good ideas, Designer Shakes was founded on a problem: How to have a nutritious real food smoothie every day, without the mess, fuss and hassle…  And thus, Designer Shakes was created.

Since the idea in 2015, our Designer Shakes team has focused on recruiting the best people in the business to help our idea come to life. This included working with Universities, engineers, manufacturing companies, industry bodies, food wholesales, and of course nutritionists. We developed and tested hundreds of shakes and we now have our top smoothies ready for you to enjoy.  

As an engineer, Brett thought, surely we can make the process even easier... And this is where the idea for the Blender & Cup Lock was formed - an attachment that connects your Designer Shakes Cup to our Designer Shakes Blender - the smoothie version of Nespresso! 

We have a range of healthy un-blended shakes, and our own Designer Shakes Blender – which is 100watts more powerful than the standard Nutribullet.  We have also designed and patented a world first disposable cup option for your Designer Shakes Blender.  This means, you can buy our un-blended shakes in a disposable cup and store in your freezer, and when you are ready to blend, simply add water, connect the cup to the Designer Shakes Blender and you have a smoothie in under 30seconds. 

Thanks for your support!